A Photo Diary – Central Park New York

Just over a year ago we visited New York as a 30th birthday present for me! At the time I was on a blogging break so didn’t actually write about any of our trip! I feel like it’s a bit late to write about it now however sharing pictures a year later is more than acceptable!

Here are some of my favourites from the incredible calm oasis in the middle of a crazy city – Central Park!

Central Park - NYC
I love this photo as it has the incredible sky scrapers in the background contrasting with the calm lake.
Bethesda Fountain NYC
The Bethesda Fountain, don’t ask me why there is no water in it!
Belvedere Castle, Central Park
A castle, in a park! Amazing!
The Alice in Wonderland statue, Central Park, NYC
This statue was a “must see” for me and it was definitely worth visiting!
Plaque at the Alice in Wonderland statue
I had to take a photo of this, it’s so funny! There were lots of funny plaques like this around the statue
Central Park, New York
The lake in Central Park
Central Park, New York
Another beautiful photo from Central Park
Central park, New York
Again I love the contrast of the nature and the buildings. When your in the park it’s so hard to believe your in one of the fastest moving cities in the world!
Central Park zoo
Bear statue in Central Park Zoo

Just looking at these photos makes me want to go back to New York! Maybe one day!

Tasha xx


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