Mother’s Day Alternative Gift Guide.

I put a lot of time and effort into giving people the perfect gift for any occasion so the idea of doing a gift guide, pointing out things you can buy your mum, without actually knowing what your mum likes, made me cringe a little bit!

Personally I prefer to give gifts with a bit of thought behind them, something personalised or an opportunity to spend time together.

So instead of giving the standard chocolates/flowers/jewellery gifts, here is my alternative post full of great ideas to treat your mum for Mother’s Day!

Put together a hamper

If your struggling to find the perfect gift for your mum, put together a basket or hamper of lots of little things she likes. This could include make up, candles, colouring book and pencils, hand moisturiser, bubble bath, slippers, lip balms, basically little things that are too small to be given on their own. If you have siblings even better, you can all chip in for this one, buy lots of cute little items and give it together!

Tickets for a show

Have a look online at your local theatres and venues. Your mum’s favourite comedian might be doing a show near you, their might be a play she’s always wanted to see, or a ballet/orchestra performance. Even if the show is a while away she will still appreciate the gift and it’s always nice to have something to look forward to! Just don’t forget to get 2 tickets so you can go with her.

Afternoon tea

In my eyes afternoon tea is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I’ve taken my mum and Nan out for afternoon tea the last few Mother’s Days and this year my daughter is joining us. Afternoon tea just feels a bit more special than your average lunch and it’s a nice excuse to spend a bit of time together. Ask around about some venues near you but book it fast, places tend to book out well in advance of Mother’s day and are likely to ask you for a deposit.

A family photo shoot.

This is such a nice idea. To have the whole family together and some beautiful photos taken is the perfect gift. Ring around some local photographers and someone should be able to accommodate you. You could do an outdoorsy natural shoot or a more traditional posed family portrait. Obviously this won’t be a surprise gift for your mum as she will have to be there but you could pay to have a photo framed for her and present it on Mother’s Day.

Family photo shoot

A handmade gift

I’m not particularly creative but if you are then a handmade gift would be perfect. People love anything personalised as it looks like a lot of thought and effort has gone into it, so even better if you can claim to having made it yourself. I have made pictures in the past with my daughter’s handprints painted to look like flowers which went down well so if your mum has grandkids it’s great to get them to make something special too.

A spa day

Who doesn’t love a chance to put their feet up and relax in a spa? You could book a treatment for your mum and yourself and spend the day feeling like ladies of leisure being pampered. My sister and I arranged this for my Mum’s 50th last year and we had a lovely time. We had hot stone massages and led by the pool chatting, the perfect way to relax. Groupon always have great spa deals or check out some local hotels to you. Just again book in advance if you actually want to do it on Mother’s Day as it sells out fast.

So there you have it, my alternative gift guide for Mother’s Day. Most of these are experiences rather than specific items you can buy but I personally think it’s a little bit nicer to use Mother’s Day as an excuse to spend a little time spoiling your mum.

PS Mother’s Day is on the 11th March this year, so get on it!!

Tasha xxx

Mother's Day gift guide
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