My Favourite American Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

If you hadn’t guessed it already I love Netflix! Continuing my favourites series here are some of my favourite American shows to binge watch when I ever get a day to myself (not as often as I would like!)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I love this show so much! I discovered it just as the 3rd season was released so had lots to binge in one go, perfect! The characters are brilliantly funny, I love Titus in particular. The episode where he recreates Beyonce’s Lemonade video is hysterical! The storyline is based around the main character Kimmy, who has just been rescued from an underground bunker where she was kept captive. The show follows her life as she explores New York through fresh, inexperienced eyes and how she copes with life outside the bunker.

This show is fun, silly and full of hilarious characters. If you like American comedies then give this one a go!

Schitt’s Creek

This show is hilarious! It took me a few episodes to get into but once I did I found it so funny. It’s about a rich family who lose all their money and assets except one thing, a small town called Schitt’s Creek! They move into a motel and try to settle into their new poor lifestyle. My favourite character is the David, his one liners and facial expressions are hilarious! Its created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan and they both star in it. Also Catherine O’Hara (the mum from Home Alone!) is in it and she is so funny! Watch this show, you won’t regret it!

Gossip Girl

I was so late to the party on this one! I completely missed it while it was on TV and randomly decided to watch it about 18 months ago, hands down the best decision I’ve ever made haha!

I was so addicted to this show. I loved Blair and Chuck, found Serena annoying, thought Dan was a bit of a drip and wanted to adopt Lily as my 2nd mum! It’s so easy to binge this on a lazy Sunday with lots of snacks! If you haven’t seen this one and love teen dramas this programme is for you!

Once Upon a Time

I love this show and it is so binge able! I actually haven’t watched all of this but watched the first few seasons back to back, I was a bit obsessed with it! I love the mixture of fairytale characters and how it flicks between the past and present filling you in on each characters back story. Emma Swan is my favourite and Regina the evil Queen, and Henry is so sweet! If you like fairytales with a twist this show is for you!

Pretty Little Liars

Another show I binged on is this teen drama following a group of teens being stalked by a mysterious person who calls themselves A after their friend Alison goes missing. I was so addicted to this show, I watched it whenever I had spare time (I know I’m so sad!!). The acting is cheesy, the storylines are far fetched but it’s so gripping and the whole way through I was dying to know who A was!

If you like girly teen dramas with lots of twists then watch this show right now!

So that rounds up my list of my favourite shows to binge watch on Netflix, although there are plenty of others…now where did I out my remote??

Have you seen any of these? What did you think? What other shows do you like to binge on? Let’s chat in the comments!

Tasha xxx

The best American Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix
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18 thoughts on “My Favourite American Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

  1. I loved Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Need to watch GG again from the start…I never saw the final series so now is the chance to catch up I guess.

    If you like more thriller (ish) type shows…The Sinner is really good 😀

    Aimsy xoxo

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  2. I loved once upon a time at first, but then I found it to really drag on and get repetitive! Haha! I bet it is better if you can watch it all at once on Netflix though, as opposed to waiting a year for another similar season! Pretty little liars was really good too! Although I felt that got repetitive too! I absolutely love Greys Anatomy at the moment! Riverdale was good too! xx

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    1. I agree, both of them got repetitive, that’s probably why I haven’t finished Once Upon A time yet haha! Ooh I’ve been wanting to watch Grey’s Anatomy for ages, will have to start it soon! Love Riverdale but still haven’t gotten around to finishing season 2 🙈 x


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