February Blogging Round Up

How is it the end of February already? Like seriously, January seemed to last about 100 years and then February has flown by!

I actually felt like this month wasn’t going that well at first. I smashed my phone at the beginning of the month and was gutted! Mike saved the day and bought me out of my contract but confession…I hate my new phone!! I just find it so hard to use, hopefully I’ll get used to it!

But after a dodgy start, the month did get better and was full of blogging successes! Read on to find out how my month went.


So I posted 14 times in Feb, not including this post which should go up on the last day of the month! I’m really happy with this and don’t think I could have done much more tbh! Juggling blogging along with a family and full time job is hard!

My posts were a bit of a mix again (still not sticking to a niche!) Some I thought would be popular weren’t and others like the Netflix favourites posts, did really well! I’m trying to pay attention to what posts do well because as much as I want to write about things I like I also want people to enjoy my posts too!


So I thought this month was going so badly, then I checked my stats and I had more views than last month so yaaaay go me haha! I’m super happy with this as growth is good and February is a shorter month!

I ended the month on 424 views which is over 100 more than last month!


Again super happy with the growth I saw in this area. I ended last month on 37 followers and am ending this month on 64! Almost doubled in a month, I’m definitely happy with that! Hi new followers thanks for following!

Social media

I’m so in love with Twitter right now and putting in lots of effort which has paid off! After taking an age to hit 500 followers I am now on 575!

I’ve also discovered Twitter analytics and they are the best thing ever! I love numbers, so love keeping track of things like this! For info I tweeted 259 times this month, had 123 mentions and 24k impressions. This is all down to joining Twitter chats, blog trains and just generally engaging with people and I’m really enjoying it!

And Instagram. Well. I definitely out more effort in this month, I don’t have a theme and literally just posting what I want when I want with a bit of blog promo thrown in. I need to focus on this a bit more and start posting regularly and engaging with people, but there’s only so many hours in the day guys!

This month I also set up a Pinterest account for the blog and shared a couple of posts. I wouldn’t say it’s going well, I have one follower (crying!) Will do better next month!

How I feel

I am really loving blogging so much! I’m just so into it right now. I had an email from an author asking me if I wanted to review their book. Yes it was a blanket email but I was so excited I just said yes! Then, my sister pointed out one of my favourite authors was on Twitter seeking book blogger for a review of his about to be published book! Hell yes!! So I reached out and emailed him and he sent me a link to his book! Cannot wait to read it and get my review done!

Goals for March

Ok so my goals for March are to create great posts that people like and I enjoy writing. Keep working on my socials. Reach out and engage with the blogging community more and just basically enjoy it! I have some exciting posts planned so hopefully next month will be a good month!

How did February go for you? Do you keep track of your blog or just have fun writing? Let’s chat in the comments!

Tasha xxx


9 thoughts on “February Blogging Round Up

  1. Hey! Our figures are about the same! I’m with you on the juggling family, full-time job as well as blogging and tweeting! It’s quite time consuming but so satisfying when you realise how well it’s going! Keep it up, Rome wasn’t built in a day xx

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    1. That’s great to hear! I feel like mine are low compared to others but I’m still happy with them! Haha it’s so hard isn’t it! I’ve just discovered scheduling tweets so that saves a bit of time! Thanks for your comment 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah although I thought my numbers were fairly low compared to others, considering I’ve been blogging less than a month and on Twitter for almost 2 weeks, it’s not too bad! Ooooooh scheduling stuff is one of my next things to find out about lol! xx

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  2. As much as I tell myself to ignore the stats, I’m always drawn to them, I cant help it. Yet regardless of that it’s the actual writing that brings me back time and time again. I really enjoy your mix of genre. Netflix is my addiction, so I love to hear what others are watching. I also meant to say previously, Gossip Girl was an absolute guilty pleasure. I can’t lie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard to ignore them isn’t it! I check mine daily πŸ™ˆ aw thank you 😊 I love reading what people are watching too, gives me new shows to add to my list! Gossip girl is such a good guilty pleasure!

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