7 Reasons Why You Should Try a Caravan Holiday!

Just to clarify, I’m talking about holiday’s where you stay in a static caravan on a particular site as opposed to a caravan you attach to your car and roam from site to site.

Caravan holidays in the UK are a great way to get away for a few days and with offers like the Daily Mail breaks and Sun Holidays, it won’t break the bank!

I’ve booked most of my caravan holidays by collecting Daily Mail codes, a four day weekend usually ends up costing around Β£100 (plus spending money). This way we can afford one or two of these a year and spend time in areas that are a little bit far away for a day trip!

Convinced you yet? If not here are some of the reasons I love caravan holidays and think you should try one this year!

Ruda Devon
Mollie enjoying the beach at Ruda, Devon
  • It’s a cheaper way to holiday!

I’ve already touched on this in the intro to this post but caravan holidays can be so cheap if you are sensible about it. Booking directly with a caravan site can be pricey although there are sometimes deals for school holidays or booking way in advance. We usually book through the Daily Mail’s Breakfree holidays which is quick and easy to use but for our upcoming Isle of Wight holiday, we booked directly through Park Dean. We chose to book this way because they included the ferry price in with the holiday at a reduced rate. With early bird savings for booking in advance and the discounted ferry price, we saved almost Β£100, in the August school holidays aswell! It’s worth looking around for the best price before you book.

Plan sensibly to avoid spending a fortune on food. Sure it’s nice to eat out on holiday but your caravan will have a little kitchen built in and a fridge freezer so why not take food with you? Taking items to cook breakfast, snacks for the kids and pizza’s for a quick and easy tea one night will definitely help bring down the amount of spending money you need to take.

Caravan in Ruda Devon
Mollie in our caravan in Ruda, Devon
  • Quality time as a family

Sure all holidays offer quality time together but I find nothing really bonds your family than being sat in the caravan of an evening with a few drinks and games to entertain you. We take minimum electronics with us and find Mollie is much more interested in a game of cards than Netflix when we are away.

In a caravan, space is fairly limited and there is something cosy and heartwarming about being able to all hear each other through the paper thin walls after you have gone to bed.

Quay West, Wales
Mike and Mollie at Quay West holiday park, Wales
  • You can pack as much as you like

No weight limits or liquid restrictions here, fill up the car boot and back seats til your heart’s content. I am definitely someone who struggles to pack light but with a caravan holiday who cares, just load up the car and off you go!

Quay West, Wales
New Quay, West Wales
  • An easy way to travel with children

As you usually travel to a caravan site via car, it’s a nice, easy way to introduce your children to travelling. No need to dread your children being noisy and disturbing others on a flight as it’s only you they will be annoying. You can stop off at the services for a nappy change or to stretch their legs as much as you like. You can plan when to leave around nap times. You have much more freedom than you would have flying to your holiday destination

Quay West holiday park
Mollie in our caravan at Quay West
  • Explore the UK

There are over 3,000 caravan sites in the UK alone. This is a great opportunity to visit places you may never have seen before. We have stayed in caravans in West Wales, South and North Devon, Cornwall and this year we are heading further afield to the Isle of Wight and there are so many other places we want to visit over the next few years. A four-day caravan break is a great way to get to know an area without committing to a whole week and if you like the area you can come back for longer next time.

  • It’s easy to fit into your life.

Caravan holidays come in various options. Fri-Mon, Mon-Fri, full week, whatever works for you. If like me you work in an office Friday to Monday holidays are a nice way for a break without eating into your annual leave too much. If you have school age children it is perfect as you can leave Friday after school and either keep them off on Monday (with your school’s permission!) so they are just missing one day or come back on a Sunday night. It’s a great way to fit in a few extra holidays throughout the year.

Pendine Sands, Wales
Pendine Sands, Wales
  • There is a site for everyone

There is a whole range of different caravan sites to suit everyone’s needs. Parkdean and Haven are great for children with loads of facilities such as a swimming pool, evening entertainment and amusement arcade (not just for kids guys, I love the 2p machines!). You can pick one in a seaside town or somewhere with lots of country walks. There are smaller sites with fewer facilities if you like a quieter holiday and a lot of sites will even allow you to bring your dog if you don’t want to leave Rufus in kennels!

Pendine Sands, Wales
Mollie at Pendine Sands, Wales

Have I convinced you to try a caravan holiday yet? Are you already a big fan of the humble caravan holiday? If so let me know your favourite site so I can visit it!

Tasha xxx

7 Reasons Why You should try a caravan holiday
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31 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Try a Caravan Holiday!

    1. Omg I didn’t even think of them being called something else in other countries! Rv’s are what we call camper vans because you drive them around don’t you? These are like big campers but stuck in one place!
      Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I LOVE caravan holidays they’re fab! I’ve been able to visit so many places in the UK doing these and I agree they’re really inexpensive! I want to book a Sun holiday so I’m hoping they do some more soon, didn’t know the Daily Mail did them too so thanks for the tip!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw yay a fellow caravanner! They really are the best holidays aren’t they! The daily mail is so much easier than the sun as you just search by date rather than having to give a few dates! Xx


      1. Aw yeah they did! They do a few throughout the year, not sure if it runs again in the autumn or not until January! Once you’ve signed up once you get emails from them so they let you know when the next one is coming! X


  2. Aww this brought back so many good memories of childhood caravan holidays in Devon and Cornwall 😍. I agree with everything here, it’s such a lovely affordable break! Now I need to check out these Daily Mail deals. Thanks for sharing Tasha! πŸ’– xx
    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  3. I am already a caravan holiday kinda gal, my family own one in Skegness and we have done since I was born. Ive been 3/4 times every year and there’s something about it that is so different but so relaxing. My boyfriend and I went over the easter weekend and it was really lovely to have no wifi – we played board games all weekend and spent quality time together. I love how you have summed caravan holidays up perfectly!
    Liz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I need no convincing about caravan holidays. My favourite holidays have been caravan ones.
    The Isle Of Wight is my location of choice. Staying in a caravan there puts you walking distance from so many things: the beach, museums, parks, a clubhouse, swimming pools.
    To be honest I’d happily live in one…
    Louisa | http://www.loubeeloublogs.co.uk

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