Getting the Gardening Bug!

I have recently discovered the joy of gardening. Don’t get me wrong, Mike’s role as “man who cuts grass” is safe, I have no interest in the boring maintenance side of the garden. Lately though, I have discovered the joy of plants and more specifically watching seeds you plant start to sprout into little green bursts of life.

It all started a few months ago when a random trip to IKEA resulted in the purchases of 3 little cacti. Who knew 3 small, slightly vicious plants would ignite such an interest in me. I set up a cacti board on Pinterest and had plans to make my garden beautiful with spiky plants (with the added bonus of keeping the neighbours cat out!). Unfortunately my Mother not so gently broke the news to me that unless I’m planning to emigrate to hotter climates, I cannot grow cacti in my garden because they will die. Dream over then.

Cacti from Ikea

Cactus from Next


I have since purchased 4 more cacti for the inside of the house and focused my attention elsewhere for the actual garden. Namely, the rose bush that was already there, some sunflowers and the start of a herb garden. Alan Titchmarsh watch out!!

The Rose Bush

We bought our house in November 2016 and this rose bush was at the back of the garden not really doing a lot. Then the summer came and blooming heck (see what I did there!?) this bush exploded into a pink delight! Hundreds of beautiful flowers filled the back corner of the garden, a gorgeous pop of colour and doing a great job of hiding the one section of fence Mike couldn’t be bothered to paint grey (Cuprinol, dusky gem, you are welcome).

Floribunda rose bush

After not looking after this rose bush in ANY way, shape or form all year again we have been rewarded with hundreds of vibrant pink flowers. I have been trimming them and putting them into vases around the house and I have to say they really are very beautiful. And free!

Floribunda roses

Floribunda roses

I have decided to start looking after this bush a little bit more (than not at all which is what we have done so far). I will be deadheading it to ensure more flowers bloom and come the Autumn we (Mike) will be cutting it into some sort of shape as it has gotten a bit out of control and is trying to swallow Mollie’s trampoline!

Floribunda rose bush


On a trip to the garden centre a few weeks ago with my Mum, Nan and sister (I live a WILD life I know!) I purchased some pink sunflower seeds (there is a colour theme going on here!) along with more cacti and a lovely plant pot I have yet to use.

I purchased some plain plastic plant pots from Asda (8 for Β£1 thank you!) with the idea of the three of us having a sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflowers. Mollie and Mike were well up for this (kids are easily entertained and Mike likes to take any chance he can to beat us at anything) so we decorated our pots and completely ignoring the instructions on the seed packet, planted them straight into the pot.

Sunflowers starting to grow

I have to say it has been so exciting every day rushing out to see if our sunflowers have grown. After a week we started to have signs of life and now they are these cute little green babies sprouting up from beneath the soil. One of Mollie’s seems to have already been destroyed by the bad weather this weekend – unlucky kid – but mine seem to be going from strength to strength! Can’t wait to see how these sunflowers turn out.

Herb Garden

Ok I suppose “Herb Garden” is a slight exaggeration for what is actually 3 plant pots stuck on the fence. But they are stuck on the fence as part of a very lovely plant holder ornament thing (which comes in 2 more colours that I KNOW I will be getting) which is ideal for gardens like ours that don’t have a huge amount of floor space. I have planted Chives, Sweet Basil and Oregano as these are herbs we use a lot anyway and basil has such a lovely smell. So far there is the tiniest amount of life in the chive pot so hopefully over the next few weeks they will spring to life.

Le jardin plant holder

So I officially have the gardening bug. I even dug out the gigantic gardening book I bought Mike last year with the intention of learning a lot more about tending my garden but lets be honest, will probably just set up a Pinterest board instead! This is the first time I have ever felt even the slightest bit interested in doing anything in the garden other than lying in the sun and eating BBQ’d burgers. I want to create a beautiful space filled with vibrant colours, heavenly scents that is also a nice place to hang out and spend an evening.

Le jardin plant holder

A few other things in my garden

I particularly like this clock we picked up from Dunelm last year and it is so handy to have a clock outside!

Garden clock from Dunelm

Mike invested in a dartboard which I thought was a brilliant idea though my darts hit the fence more than they do the board.

Dart board

Another recent purchase is this Guinea Pig hutch fit for a king! We are currently on the hunt for some guinea pigs as pets for Mollie so getting ready by purchasing all the necessities such as hutch, hay, food and of course some toys for them to play with!

Guinea pig Hutch

So that’s our garden. Hopefully I will have a few more updates for you over the summer and of course I will be harvesting my herb crop shortly and testing them out so I will let you know I get on with that!

Whats going on in your garden this year? Any tips for a total garden newbie? Do you blog about gardening? Let me know in the comments!

Tasha xxx

Getting the Gardening bug
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18 thoughts on “Getting the Gardening Bug!

  1. Your roses are AMAZING! I’ve learned that for some reason, my rose bushes never turn out when I actually tend to them but when I just kind of ignore them for a bit, that is when they are their most beautiful (I have no idea why, maybe I’m just the kiss of death to rose bushes?) Also, I’m excited for your sunflowers to bloom! I’ve thought about growing a succulent garden but I just haven’t hit the right weather for it yet. Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 the roses are incredible aren’t they! Before this I have never been successful at growing anything, my daughter always used to say I killed all the plants haha! I’ll probably trim the rose bush and kill it off by accident! I’m so excited for the sunflowers too, I hope they are really tall and pink! Ooh love succulents, you’ll definitely have to post some pictures if you do manage it!


  2. Nice! The wife caught the gardening bug as well this year. If you haven’t already, check out Garden Answer on YouTube. She was able to pick up some great tips and ideas by watching these videos! Very informative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you, I’m quite proud of it even though I basically just inherited it haha! Bnm is fab ain’t it, that’s where my fence planter is from and also picked up some cute gardening gloves! Will definitely be there again looking for more garden related stuff!


    1. Thank you 😊 aw I know I love that little cactus too! We saw them at the till I’m Next and my other half was like “You DO NOT need another cactus” but I couldn’t leave it behind, the pot is so cute!
      Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Free flowers is a definite bonus! These plastic ones were a real bargain from Asda but after seeing your post earlier I’ll be buying the terracotta ones next time! Thank you, will take some photos when they flower! X


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