June Blog Favourites!

Ahh here we are again. The end of another month and that little post where I share with you some of my favourite blogs posts I’ve been reading!

I was struggling a bit this month, to be honest. A lot of the blogs I read are the really big bloggers who definitely don’t need a shout out from me and I would really like to use these posts to give a little support to some of the fabulous, smaller bloggers out there. Keeping this in mind I tweeted asking for people to send me some links for me to read and I was sent some brilliant ones! Unfortunately, I can’t include everyone so here are my top 5 posts from June!

Life in Prison – Gym Induction

I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE this blog. Having never been inside prison myself I find it so interesting to read about what it is really like! My only issue with this blog is that the writer does not post as often as I would like (ideally every day please!). Anyway if you’re interested in hearing some real prison stories then you should definitely check this blog out and as there are only a handful of posts at the moment you can start at the beginning and work your way through them.

Vix Meldrew – Emotional Abuse: My Story of a Relationship with an Adam

This lady needs no introduction and certainly isn’t a smaller blogger but I just had to share this post as it is so important. Aside from telling her own personal experience in an emotionally abusive relationship, Vix also gives us some red flags to look out for. If this post helps just one person in an abusive relationship spot the signs and reach out for help then it’s a job well done in my eyes and that’s why I just had to share this post with you all.

The Spoonie Mummy – Gardening With Kids

The Spoonie Mummy was someone who sent me their link via Twitter and the first post of hers to catch my eye was this one, Gardening with kids, purely because it is most relevant to me. I have recently just started getting into gardening and this post has some great ideas about getting your kids outside and joining in the green-fingered fun! Natalie has loads of other great posts and I can’t wait to sit down and read her stories about juggling life and parenting with several chronic health conditions.

Limitless Nicholas – My son is a boy with Down Syndrome, and your expectations are not his reality

This is another blog I was sent on Twitter and really wanted to share with you all. I really love blogs that are a bit different, that shows me a different reality to my own and can actually learn something useful from. In this particular post, Mary talks about being out and about with her husband and son and being approached by someone who made comments about her son and him being Down Syndrome. As little experience as I have with people with this condition, I know the things he said were inappropriate and caused offense, how Mary controlled her temper I’ll never know. I love Mary’s aim to educate people, I for one will be following her story to learn more about her son and their life.

Jasmine Charlotte – My London Money Diary

Ok, so time to confess – I am THE nosiest person in the world and want to know everything about everyone. Which is why I love posts like this which give us an insight into what people’s real day to day lives are like and how much money they spend. Like Jasmine, I am obsessed with reading Refinery 29’s money diary series so I love how she recreated it for us. If you are a nosey parker like me then go and have a snoop about!

Aaaaand that’s all folks! I hope you enjoy checking them out. I tried to provide a little bit of everything as that is what I am all about after all!

Throughout July, if you have a post you think I would like and want me to share then hit me up on Twitter! What are your favorite posts from this month?

Tasha xx

Monthly blog favourites June 2018
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