Blogging round up – June

So here we are, the end of another month, this year is whizzing past us and to be honest I don’t really feel like I made the most of it in June. I feel like we haven’t been out anywhere in ages, I’ve hardly seen my friends, hardly been anywhere, just not really living my best life. It’s not like we haven’t had the weather, we just haven’t really had the time. I’m sure July will be better though!

Anyway, blog-wise things have been really good! Read on to see my blog stats for the month and whether I met my goals!


I posted 9 times in June which isn’t a huge amount but I have been spending a lot longer on the actual posts themselves rather than just smashing them out. I have been planning, taking and editing pictures. I have been writing, then proofreading, then writing again. I have worked on some posts for a week or longer until I felt they were perfect. Some other posts were book reviews and these are quite time-consuming as obviously, you have to read the book, form an opinion and create a review.

My most popular posts this month were:

7 Reasons Why I hate my Kindle

What it’s really like to ride in a hot air balloon

Cookbook of the month – May

The hot air balloon ride post took me ages to write, I was literally working on it for around 2 weeks, so I’m glad it did well! The Kindle post was my quickest to write and it proved quite popular. These quick posts are easy to read and tend to do well when shared in Twitter threads so I’ll be trying to do a couple of these a month!


June was my 2nd best month ever for views! Yay! I had a grand total of 833 views from 506 visitors. The only month to be higher than this was March, when a blog post was shared on Facebook and had lots of extra views! Considering I posted less content this month I am so happy to have so many views, it just goes to show you don’t need to stress yourself out posting as much as you can, good content will get noticed!


I ended May on 178 followers and am starting July with 240! Smashed my goal to reach 200 so really pleased with this! Hi new followers, nice to meet you!

Social Media

Yet again Twitter was my favourite and most used social media. I tweeted 507 times, had 1,682 profile visits and 74k impressions, really good stats! I find Twitter so easy to use, alongside promoting my blog I tweet several times a day just about life in general, it’s definitely my favourite social media!

Instagram is Instagram! I find this one quite tricky. I like people’s posts but forget or don’t feel bothered about commenting, I use stories most days but feel like hardly anyone sees them. I’m trying out a new sort of theme on my grid, 3 pictures in a row of a similar subject eg plants, books whatever. It’s pretty hard to stick to and I never know if I should upload all 3 together or have my grid looking rubbish for a few days while I gradually put them up? Who knows, who even cares! I ended last month on 163 followers and now have 233 which is the biggest growth I have seen since I started this account in January but still have a really long way to go!

Pinterest has definitely been neglected AGAIN. I almost feel like my time would be better spent on here than Instagram as I know if I put the effort in I will be rewarded, I have had more referrals there than from Instagram anyway!

How I feel

Motivated, inspired, full of content ideas, my only problem is not enough time/energy to see them all through! I think I need to step back from the book reviews a little bit as they are so time-consuming, and spend a little more time writing some of the post ideas I have in my head!


The goals I set for June were:

  • Spend more time on Pinterest, hit 100 followers – Have hit 100 but definitely didn’t spend much time on here!
  • Continue to engage and post regularly on Instagram, hit 200 followers – I posted regularly and attempted to engage, reached 233 followers!
  • Hit 800 followers on Twitter – Yes!! I am currently on 878! That 1k is in sight!
  • Post 2 great quality blog posts every week – Yes I did this and was really happy with the quality of my work this month!
  • Hit 200 blog followers – Yes! Reached 240!
  • Schedule Tweets every day – Umm no haha! Actually, I think I probably did less scheduled tweets this month than any other month! Aw well, can’t win them all, can you!

Some of my successes this month were:

My first opportunity on Bloggers Required – It wasn’t paid but I was chosen to review a cookbook which I received for free!

Took part in 2 book blog tours for 2 incredible books!

Approached by a publisher to review a book

Goals for July!

  • 1k Twitter followers
  • 300 Instagram followers
  • Increase Pinterest monthly views from 3.5k
  • Put a plan in place for going self-hosted!

So there are my goals for July. I promised myself last month if I hit my goals I would start looking into going self hosted and thats exactly what I’m going to do this month. By the end of July I want to have a firm plan of action in place for how I am going to go about it so this month I will be doing lots of research!

What are your goals for July? Did you meet yours for June?

Tasha xxx

Monthly blog report and social media stats
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