The 6 Week’s Holidays…So Far!

Hey guys! It feels like it’s been a while and that is because we are currently half way through the 6 week’s holidays! For those of you without kids this is that lovely long stretch of summer where school has finished and us parents proceed to juggle work/childcare/entertaining children without going insane to a permanent back drop of bad weather and rain.

Because of course the heatwave would end as the kids broke up from school!

Anyway, my usual routine has been completely thrown out of the window. I wake up every day with no idea what day it is, whether I’m meant to be in work or not and what we have planned for the day. It’s great.

So here are some of the things we have been up to so far!

Watched The Greatest Showman!

The greatest showman dvd

How it took me this long to watch this AMAZING film I’ll never know! Being lazy and fans of lying on the sofa with snacks we tend to always be caught up with all the latest films but somehow this one passed us by! I felt terrible when Mollie declared herself as the ONLY kid in school who hadn’t watched it so we rushed out and bought the dvd along with a stack of pick a mix and settled down for family film night.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s brilliant! And I only cried like 3 times which is good for me with a kids film!

Went to Pontypridd lido!

Again, how has it taken me so long to get here? Oh yeah, Welsh weather! You have to book this outdoor pool in advance which runs the risk of being stuck in a pool on a rainy day but luckily for me and my friends it turned out to be sunny and the pools are heated so we all had a fabulous day!

There are 3 pools, a huge inflatable obstacle course on one, one for swimming and zorbing and one shallow splash pool. We went as a group of 3 adults and 5 kids and it only cost £18 for all of us! Amazing bargain!

The park it’s set in is brilliant aswell with a really new playground so after swimming we had a picnic and the kids played in the park so we were there all day!

It’s hard to take photos when your in a pool and even harder to avoid accidentally snap photos of other people’s children so I’ll leave you with this own my friend took of me and Mollie!

Pontypridd lido, Wales

Played Lego Incredibles!

As a kid I loved computer games and as an adult I STILL love kids computer games! The Lego series is one of my favourite for family friendly games and Mollie and I are currently working our way through the latest release, Lego Incredibles! Lego mixed with Disney. What’s not to like?

Lego Incredibles

Perfect entertainment on a rainy day!

A day at the beach!

No 6 week’s holidays is complete without a trip to the beach! We spent a lovely day in Rest Bay in Porthcawl. The sun shone, the beach was beautiful women the lots of rock pools to hunt for crabs the only small issue was the jelly fish preventing Mollie from going in the sea!

Rest Bay, Porthcawl, Wales

Rest Bay, Porthcawl, Wales

Rest Bay, Porthcawl, Wales

Rest Bay, Porthcawl, Wales

And, um, well that’s pretty much it so far (we’ve played Lego Incredibles a lot!) Oh and a lovely trip to Dyffryn Gardens National Trust site this week but I have a full blog post with too many lots of fabulous photos to show you coming soon!

We also have our holiday next week to The Isle of Wight which we are all super excited for and yes, we will be leaving the Xbox behind so there will be lots of outdoor family fun (it’s hot on the Isle of Wight, right??)

Hope you are all surviving the 6 week’s holidays!

Tasha xx


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