Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks

I am very aware that at 34 weeks pregnant it is a little bit late in the day to start giving you pregnancy updates but with just a few weeks left I am suddenly filled with this overwhelming need to share everything or at least start documenting the final bit of my pregnancy. I came … Continue reading Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks


A New Blogging Direction for a New Year.

Ahh the old "New Year, New Me" cliche! I am entering the new year with a newfound determination to get this blog up and running again but after looking back over my older posts there are definitely things I want to start doing a bit differently. Write what you love! I want to write about … Continue reading A New Blogging Direction for a New Year.

I’m Back From my Blogging Break!

So I seem to have taken an unplanned, unexpected break from blogging that lasted around, ooh, 4 months! One minute I was happily writing away with a head full of plans and goals and the next minute, nothing! I don't even know what happened but the longer it went on the harder it felt to … Continue reading I’m Back From my Blogging Break!