6 Weird Ways Pregnancy Affected me!

Pregnancy affects you in weird ways! Your body changes so much, your tummy gets bigger, you can no longer see your feet, your hands and face swell – it’s a glamorous time guys!

Aside from the obvious changes, here are some other ways this pregnancy has affected me in ways I did not expect!

All the crying

I have basically just cried my way through this pregnancy. Christmas almost killed me off, I wasn’t sure I would make it through without severe dehydration! The Elton John John Lewis advert, Sainsbury’s advert, all the Christmas films. It got to the point that every time we turned the TV on Mike and Mollie would turn and look at me to see if I was crying yet!

Other things that made me cry were the Christopher Robin film, the new Mary Poppins film and the song Three by Lily Allen. God I can feel myself welling up just thinking about it all!

I went off healthy food and my kitchen!

In general I eat quite healthily and cook from scratch most days. Until I found out I was pregnant and couldn’t even open the fridge without wanting to vom. The smell of the kitchen in general made me feel so sick and the thought of eating spinach or anything green turned my stomach! All I wanted to eat in the beginning was frozen beige food – cooked though not actually frozen!

I also went off some of my favourites!

Before I got pregnant we discovered halloumi and I loved it . Just typing the word halloumi now makes me want to throw up. I honestly can’t imagine eating it ever again now! Also, pepsi max has been my go to drink for the last few years, I struggled to make it through a full day in the office without a can. Now? Ergh it just tastes weird! I stopped drinking it a couple of months in and switched to Fanta but the fizziness made my heartburn worse so now I’m sticking to squash with the odd can of Fanta fruit twist which I don’t find that fizzy!

Best sleep ever and waking up early!

I’ve always been a rubbish sleeper but the 1st trimester sleep was the best. Asleep by 10 and sleeping through til 7am, what a life! And while I’m not going to pretend I’ve sprung out of bed every morning at 6am there have been times that I have willingly been in work before 8am, basically unheard of for me!

Of course now I’m approaching 38 weeks I barely sleep at all, last night I fell asleep at 1am and woke up at 4.05am, fantastic!

My hair falling out!

I thought you were meant to lose your hair after having your baby? Mine started falling out at the beginning and luckily stopped some time in the second trimester before I ended up bald! Now I have some sort of weird fringe growing at the sides of my hair line where it’s obviously growing back but God I hope I don’t lose anymore once the baby is here or I won’t have any left!

Lack of motivation… for everything!

The weirdest thing I found is how tired I’ve been and how I just can’t be bothered to do anything! I was so tired during the 1st trimester and had no energy at all. Work all day and family stuff just wiped me out. I stopped reading, blogging, everything that required me to focus my mind.

I stopped cooking, I stayed in more and just led around in general, I just couldn’t be bothered! Luckily my spark has come back lately and I’m feeling motivated and back on top of things. We’re organised for the baby, the house is generally clean and tidy and I’m able to function beyond 9pm. Perfect time for the baby to arrive then and flip our lives upside down!

Until next time,



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