Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 36 and 37

Hiya! I realise last week I didn’t do a proper pregnancy update, instead filling you all in on the ECV procedure we went through!

So this week I thought I’d give you an update on the past 2 weeks and what’s been going on around here!

My baby shower!

I had my baby shower! I was so excited for this and it turned out to be amazing! My lovely sister and cousin organised the whole thing for me, all I did was provide the guest list. It was held in a private room of a local Italian restaurant and all my friends and family were there.

We had cake, played games and took lots of photos! Oh and at the end Mollie asked people to guess the gender of the baby and every person except one said a boy! Do they all know something I don’t?

Baby shower cake

Finishing work!

Last Friday I finished work for the next 12 months. I’m very lucky in the sense that I am entitled to a fully paid 6 months off and then will be taking statutory payments and a small amount of unpaid leave to make up the rest of the year!

I have been so uncomfortable at my desk lately that to be honest it was a relief to finish. It was a little bit emotional saying goodbye to everyone but I know I will stay in touch with a lot of them and will be popping in with the baby from time to time.

Maternity leave so far has been brilliant, and I’m only on day 4! I’ve had lunch with friend’s, had my hair done, done a bit of housework and just enjoyed relaxing and not rushing around. I’ve tried to avoid Netflix for the time being, it’s a slippery slope and there are things I want/need to get done before the baby is here!

Mum to be sash


We and the baby have been spoilt rotten the last 2 weeks. My works did a collection and bought a lovely mobile for the cot, some clothes and flowers. Some other friends bought a lovely set of clothes and we had tons of beautiful gifts from our friends and family at the baby shower.

I also had a little surprise last night from Mollie’s Nan who had helped Mollie put together a gorgeous memory box filled with lovely little bits for the baby. There were bath products, dummies, clothes and hand knitted blankets. She had even gone to the effort of having a bib specially made for the baby saying “I really love my big sister” my heart is melting right now!

Baby keepsake box

Baby bibs

Ordered Mollie’s big sister presents

One thing that has been on my to do list for weeks has been to find the perfect gift for Mollie from us and the new baby. I really want to make her feel involved in every part of this and although she shows no jealousy at all, it can’t be easy seeing all these gifts coming into the house that are not for her!

Anyway, in the end we chose a little charm bracelet from Liberty Charms as a keepsake. This turned up so quickly and was beautifully wrapped in tissue and a little gift box making it look very special and grown up (and at no extra cost!).

We also picked a little big sibling journal for Mollie to fill in. We’ve had a couple of baby record books given to us and Mollie was really excited to see them but disappointed to realise a lot of it was based around Mum, Dad and baby! This way she now has her own little book to complete. If I’m honest it looks a little on the young side for her but it was the best I could find (a gap in the market for all you creatives!) And I know she will enjoy filling it with her thoughts and pictures.

The big sibling book

So yeah, it’s been a busy 2 weeks! With our C section booked in just 12 days away the countdown is officially on! We’re off to stock up on the last few bits today then I am done (until the baby is here and I send Mike out with a list of all the things we forgot to buy!)

Until next time!

Tasha x


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