Pregnancy Diary – Week 38

Wow we’re at the end of week 38 already! This week has been a blissful week of no work. I’ve got to be honest, I really haven’t missed it at all. It’s been so nice to have the freedom to meet up with friends and family, do a bit of shopping, potter around the house at my own pace and of course, the odd lie in has been very welcome too! I could definitely get used to being a lady of leisure!

Aside from enjoying my new life as a lady who lunches, here’s what’s been going on this week;

The Pain!!

Omg seriously, I am in so much pain! Basically from the waist down to my thighs it’s total agony. Rolling over in bed is a killer, standing up after sitting is so hard and the stairs are getting really difficult. I’m not sure if it’s the way the baby is lying or if it’s a mild bit of PGP (Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain) as the symptoms for it seem quite similar to how I feel. Either way, with 5 days til my C Section the end is in sight, I’m just lucky I haven’t had this the whole way through!

The Planning

Ok so I’ve just about made my peace with the whole C Section deal now (which knowing my luck means the baby will turn just before and I’ll be sent home to wait for labour!) I’ve done a lot of research on both the operation itself and the recovery by speaking to friends who’ve experienced it and reading a lot of information/birth stories online.

I was planning to write a separate post on how I feel about it but to be honest I probably won’t have the time now. All I will say is that at first I was so disappointed to be having a section after having such an easy, natural birth first time around. Having time to come to terms with it, I can see there are benefits to having a planned C section, the main one obviously being the baby being delivered safely.

It feels very organised, having a date for your baby to be born. It’s nice to be able to arrange childcare for Mollie and have a date for her to look forward to. It’s probably the most planned a birth will ever be!

Pregnancy milestone cards

The Preparation

We are pretty much ready to go over here. We bought the car seat base, fitted it in my car and familiarised ourselves with the car seat.

The baby clothes are washed and ironed. The baby bag is packed (mine is pretty much packed!)

We’ve swapped sides of the bed and brought the Moses basket up to get used to having less space. Tonight is my first night on the wrong side of the bed and I’m struggling with the change. Anyone else unhealthy attached to “their side” of the bed? Just me then!

There’s not much left on my to do list now so we plan to relax this weekend and spend some quality time with Mollie before our world spins on its head next week.

I think with the C Section only being days away, reality is setting in. The nerves are starting to surface, I’m starting to question my baby knowledge. Can I remember how to make a bottle, how many layers should the baby wear, should it always be wearing a hat? The last time I had a baby was almost 9 years ago now and I feel like I’ve forgotten everything, hopefully it will all come flooding back!

So this is it, my last pregnancy update. This time next week our baby will be here! I can’t promise I will find the time to blog anytime soon but I do intend to do a little welcome to the world post and eventually share my birth story so stick around and hopefully I will be back soon!

Until next time!

Tasha xx


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary – Week 38

  1. Congratulations! I had an emergency cesarean with my daughter and i think it was only scary because I wasn’t prepared. You’ll just feel lots and lots of tugging. Kind of like someone is pushing there fist into your stomach. But then your baby is out and screaming and you feel nothing! Good luck mumma! You’ve got this x

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      1. I’ll be having a planned next time as doctors day I most likely make big babies. I wish you all the luck in the world. And I Hope meeting your Baby is everything you’ve been dreaming x

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