Life Goals for May – And How I got on with April’s Goals!

So I haven’t actually blogged since last months Life Goals post, oops. Good job Write More Blog Posts wasn’t on that list hey!

Question – does anyone who writes these sort of goal lists actually look back on them and do them? For the week or 2 after I wrote the post they were fresh in my mind and I mentally ticked each one off as I completed it but now, as I’m sat here writing this post I honestly couldn’t name more than two of the goals on my list, dye my hair and leave the baby.

I just went back to check that those 2 were actually on there, they were, along with a few others. So here’s how I got on with them.

Dye my hair (to hide those pesky greys) – Completed Mate! It came out slightly darker than I intended and looked slightly patchy at first but the greys were gone. Except I just seen one the other day so looks like they are back already. Guess I know what will be on Junes to-do list!

Find a good new mascara – A good new mascara – fabulous use of the English language right there! Considering all the bloggers I follow you would think it wouldn’t be hard to find a few mascara recommendations. I found 2, one wasn’t stocked in my local Boots ( I clearly didn’t care enough about this to travel further afield) and the other didn’t come in waterproof which is a deal breaker for me so I couldn’t buy it. However, I did purchase Barry M That’s How I Roll Mascara (it was Lash Vegas 2 that was recommended but not waterproof) and also had Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara in a free gift set for buying other products. I’ve only used the Bourjois one so far but really like it. So yeah, long story short (or not) I completed this goal too!

Leave the Baby – Ooh we’re on a roll here, completed this one too! In April we had the Easter Holidays so on a rainy Wednesday I treated Mollie to a little cinema and shopping trip and left Lyla with Mike. Lyla and Mike both survived just fine without me and it was really good to spend a bit of time with Mollie doing something just the two of us like we used to do. (for reference we went to see Wonderpark, if you are going take some tissues, if you’ve seen it them OMG how sad was it? Please tell me you cried too?)

Declutter My Wardrobe and Buy Some New Clothes – So I’ve half completed this one. I did have a good sort out and got rid of 2 bags of clothes for charity but I still have a lot more to sort through. I did buy a few new things though, making sure I tried everything on and took things back I wasn’t 100% happy with. This is a bit of an ongoing goal that I really want to write more about in a different blog post but I say that a lot and it rarely happens!

Get My Body Back – Ooh this was an ambitious one… let’s move on

Have a Family Day Out – Ok so we have done this but we didn’t actually do it until May. It still counts though right? I’m counting it. Anyway last Sunday we had a lovely family day out to St Fagans Museum Cardiff. It’s an outdoor museum with old fashioned houses you can poke around in and a cute vintage funfair. It was lovely and sunny and a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

Carousel at St Fagans

Goals for May

Since we are halfway through May I could add a few things I’ve already done knowing that I will definitely tick them off! I won’t though but also at this point in the month, it seems pointless to push myself to meet tons of goals. Here are a couple of things I would like to achieve with the rest of this month though:

Make progress with the clothes sort out – I would say FINISH the clothes sort out but I know I won’t!

Buy my own domain and go self hosted – This is one I’m really keen on I just need to find the time.

Read a Book – Actually, I have already read a book this month, I’m even writing a review of it for the blog! I’ve been bitten by the reading bug again though so I want to carry this on so I’ll make this goal read 2 books this month and get started on my next one!

Dig out the “Proper Camera” and take some decent photos – One thing I was keen to do during my maternity leave was to take lots of photos. I have done this but they are mostly blurry phone photos of Lyla. Mission to take the camera out and about to take some nice pictures or even have a little baby photo shoot in the house!

Do you have any goals for May?

Tasha xxx


2 thoughts on “Life Goals for May – And How I got on with April’s Goals!

  1. Good luck with your goals, lovely to read a catch up from you! Btw I really rate Primarks own mascara, especially the false lash one, really great for the price and cruelty free!

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