Baby Update – The First 3 Months

Disclaimer – this was actually written 2 weeks ago but I’ve only just found time to publish it! Mum life huh!

My drafts folder is full of so many of these baby updates. 1 month of Lyla, the first 6 weeks, 8 week update, none of them finished or published.

But its 9pm, both the kids are in bed, Mike is on his way back from Wembley after watching Newport County play. I have the house to myself, I’ve cleaned and tidied up, eaten my tea (Mollie’s leftover pizza and a bag of crisps!) and was ready to collapse in a heap in front of the tv when I thought ooh I know, I’ll finally get on writing that baby update.

So here we are. Its been almost 3 months since I’ve had Lyla and what a crazy 3 months it has been. I really wish I had finished some of those previous updates because already it is becoming harder to remember what she was like as a newborn. Looking back at photos, she has already changed so much. I think back to just a few weeks ago and how different things are now. Everything changes so quickly, Lyla changes so quickly and I just want to record every detail in my brain forever.

I could write for hours about how in the beginning she fed every 2 hours, barely giving me enough time to go for a wee between bottles let alone attempt leaving the house. How she slept through the night from 15 days old but still catches us off guard with a 2 am wake up every now and again. How she goes from 0 to crazy screaming in about 0.5 seconds leaving you completely bewildered as to what you have done wrong or what is wrong with her.

I could write for hours but I’d probably fall asleep through exhaustion and you would be bored to tears reading it!

So here’s a bit about what Lyla is like now:

Lyla is beautiful. She has big blue eyes that I could stare into all day. She is fierce and makes it very clear when she wants something. She was a tiny 6lb 3oz born but is now 10lb 11oz with chubby cheeks and the beginning of some chunky leg rolls. She’s filling out her 0-3 clothes and we already have a big bag of newborn/1 month clothes she has grown out of.

Lyla is strong. When she is led on the floor on her back she tries to pull herself up by doing little stomach crunches (she can do more in a row than I can). She can grip your hair and give it a lovely yank and she does a mean pinch on the underside of my arm which makes me yelp in surprise/pain.

Lyla has a gorgeous, huge, gummy smile but you have to work hard to get one from her. She only likes to be held certain ways and just when you think you’ve found a position that works she will decide she cannot bear to be held in that way anymore. Her favourite place is to lie on the floor on her change mat but you need to stay in sight and talk to her so she knows you are there.

Lyla likes her sleep at night but will fight you to the death for a day time nap unless she’s in her car seat. She enjoys long walks in the pram and being rocked back and fore. She hates getting dressed/undressed. She loves the bath.

Lyla is incredible. She is amazing. She is the perfect addition to our family. She is bloody hard work but she is absolutely worth it.

And me? I’m there. I’ve fully recovered from my C section. I get plenty of sleep and feel human most days. I’m at a place where it feels natural to take Lyla everywhere with me. Things that seemed daunting a couple of months ago such as morning school runs, taking both kids out by myself, driving with Lyla in the car feel like second nature now.

There is a routine brewing on the horizon. We are shifting slowly towards a 7pm bedtime. We fill our days with visits to friends and family and baby groups and I love it. Being able to spend more time with all the important people in our lives is a massive bonus to being on maternity leave, when you work a 9-5 it’s so hard to fit everything in.

Mike and I have fallen into a pattern that works for us. He’s obviously back in work now but still does more than his fair share of daddy duties and housework. Some days (most days) it is too hard to even attempt to cook a proper dinner for us so he will do that when he gets home or if it’s been a rough day with Lyla he will take over and I’ll whizz around the house trying to clear up the chaos from the day.

I genuinely believe parenting is all about teamwork. I’m happy to take full responsibility of night feeds as Mike needs to get up from work, likewise, Mike is happy to do the school run if he’s here in the morning and let me and Lyla sleep in. If he’s tired, I’ll let him stay in bed and he does the same for me. It’s a constant juggling act but I think we’ve got a handle on it.

And Mollie. My beautiful little Mollie. She has adjusted to being a big sister so well. She loves Lyla so much and Lyla looks around for her as soon as she hears her voice. Obviously, she finds Lyla a little boring at the moment but she loves making up songs to sing for her, pushing her in her pram and showing her off to all her school friends. 9 years is a big age gap and I’m sure it will bring many challenges but for now, everything is running pretty smoothly.

I could talk all day about our new life as a family of four but at 1,000 words I’ll leave it there. Congratulations if you made it to the end of this one! Hopefully I’ll be updating a little more often from now on and they won’t be so long next time!

Tasha xxx

2 thoughts on “Baby Update – The First 3 Months

  1. This is wonderful! Lyla is gorgeous 🙂 I understand the idea of getting into a routine after the newbie phase (What I like to call The Haze) 😛 Sending you and your family best wishes 🙂

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