Life Goals for April!

Hello April! Hello lighter evenings and sun shining through the windows to show how dusty your blinds are. Hello blossom trees and every blogger worth their salt standing in front of one with hashtag ootd! Hello the scent of freshly cut grass and the beginning of months of endlessly nagging your other half to cut … Continue reading Life Goals for April!


Welcome to the World!

A little bit late to the party on this one as she is now over 2 weeks old, but I had a baby guys!! Welcoming Lyla Rose to the world, weighing in at a tiny 6lb 3oz, she is perfect and beautiful and we love her so much already! We are still settling into some … Continue reading Welcome to the World!

Bucket List – Days Out in Wales!

It's not even March yet but it feels like spring has sprung! It's sunny, and not that deceiving Winter sun that tricks you into thinking it's warm outside, it's actual,real life, warm spring sunshine out there! When the sun starts making an appearance it gets me all excited for the Spring/Summer ahead. I'm not a … Continue reading Bucket List – Days Out in Wales!

Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 36 and 37

Hiya! I realise last week I didn't do a proper pregnancy update, instead filling you all in on the ECV procedure we went through! So this week I thought I'd give you an update on the past 2 weeks and what's been going on around here! My baby shower! I had my baby shower! I … Continue reading Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 36 and 37

6 Weird Ways Pregnancy Affected me!

Pregnancy affects you in weird ways! Your body changes so much, your tummy gets bigger, you can no longer see your feet, your hands and face swell - it's a glamorous time guys! Aside from the obvious changes, here are some other ways this pregnancy has affected me in ways I did not expect! All … Continue reading 6 Weird Ways Pregnancy Affected me!

My ECV (External Cephalic Version) Experience.

I started to write my usual pregnancy diary for this week and the post quickly turned into something else altogether. My ECV (external cephalic version, the turning process of a breech baby) experience. I have so much to say on this topic that I just couldn't cram it into a weekly post, it deserves a … Continue reading My ECV (External Cephalic Version) Experience.

How to Shop Maternity Wear on a Budget!

I've always said I would never write about clothes or makeup...mostly because I'm clueless about both. Seriously some mornings I get to work, get in the lift, look in the mirror and realise my foundation is patchy and not blended in properly and I live in jeans and t shirts. Basically I am not a … Continue reading How to Shop Maternity Wear on a Budget!

Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks

I am very aware that at 34 weeks pregnant it is a little bit late in the day to start giving you pregnancy updates but with just a few weeks left I am suddenly filled with this overwhelming need to share everything or at least start documenting the final bit of my pregnancy. I came … Continue reading Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks